Anna And Her Team Begin Their Journey Home In An Hour!! ~Bitter-sweet for them, I am sure. (Posted by Anna’s Mom)

Another collage to tide us over until Anna gets home with more details! Communications have been scant as she broke her phone. Please pray for safe travel for them all. Thank you:)


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..devil chasing, mountain hoofing, “Piki-Piki” riding, chicken killing, giraffe kissing, globe trotting daughter of the King! Wow!..

Well Anna was unable to upload her pictures and a video due to really slow WiFi. BUT WE ARE ALL HOPING SHE (and her teammates) WILL UPLOAD AND POST A BLOG SOON!!:) Ahem.. Ok, so.. In the last week and a half they have visited a giraffe park, an elephant orphanage,and a Masai tribal village, as well as their usual schedule,(see prior post). Photos and Anna’s teammate’s testimony about the Masai village are attached below. (Sorry but the desperate Mama struck again and stole photos from her teammates who did get some photos uploaded).. They probably won’t have WiFi for the rest of the trip but hopefully some internet access?

Last week they said goodbye to two of the 61 Project leaders who left on furlough, and said goodbye to their friends at the orphanage. I believe today was their last day in Maai Mahiu. They are headed out to Debrief, (I am not sure where) and maybe other stops as well? Will update if possible on that. The team heads back to Atlanta Georgia next Monday and to their respective homes on next Tuesday.That will bring it to about 2 weeks of goodbyes to people the girls have become very attached to as well as to each other, which I am sure is heart wrenching. The good news for the Christian is that we have eternity to look forward to together even if we are separated here on Earth.

We are all excited to see (and hug) Anna, and hear all about her adventures and all that God has done. Further updates and photos will be posted as soon as possible. Please pray that this last week will be fruitful for Christ- for all they come in contact with and in each of them and that God would seal all that he has done in their hearts on this mission trip. Please pray that this week they will be refreshed and enjoy each other and their debrief. Please pray that the work they have accomplished for God will continue to grow and bear fruit in the hearts and lives they have touched. Please pray for the workers who are permanently stationed in Kijabe and Maai Mahiu that God will bless and prosper them. And please pray for their safe return home.

Thank you for all your support and prayers,

Anna’s Mom (Rachael) -> 2 Testimonies follow.

Get up and walk– by Mckabry Wiliams


Today my team and I visited a Masai tribe with our awesome contact Jason to deliver Bibles to some friends he has made there. We met some awesome people who were so on fire for The Lord. Maai Mahiu is still Africa, and so many things here still break my heart every day, but the second we stepped into the village, I saw tings that resembled a little more of the national geographic Kenya I was expecting. I saw a little boy completely naked running around in the trash, and men dressed head to toe in their Masai wear. Then we were joined by a little girl named Monica, who didn’t know her age, but looked about seven carrying around her two month old sister Elizabeth. I loved this place, and could see how God had moved there. When we finished meeting all of Jason’s friends who all had incredible lives with stories I could barely believe, we went on one of our last stops. When we walked up to this property I saw a man laying on an mat, and a house with no walls or roof. We got to the man and learned that he had some health issues and was almost paralyzed the first time Jason met him, but after prayer, he was able to walk and move around. When we saw him today, he still had so much pain in his knees that he could barely stand up. We prayed healing over his body and I watched him stand up and do squats. SQUATS. He couldn’t move because of the amount of pain, and he was doing squats. He immediately threw his hands up in praise to The Lord. He was so thankful and joyful that I couldn’t help but smile. The man who we walked up to twenty minutes before laying on a mat, was now jumping and walking and doing squats. My God is so good, and I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to watch miracles unfold before me, and see light in a village that before had so much darkness. I left thinking of Matthew 9 “Then he said top the paralytic ‘Get up, take your mat, and go home’ then the man got up and went. When the crowd saw this they were filled with awe and they praised God who had given such authority to men.”

Slap in the face– by Mckabry Williams



I started off the morning yesterday hating Africa and wanting to just hop on the next plane out of here. I got sick right before breakfast and and didn’t enjoy one bite of my favorite meal. I went up to Kijabe on a piki with a driver who spoke no English and struggled to climb the mountain without throwing me off the back. When I got to the hospital all I could think about was the wifi downstairs and the best rolls ever that come from a bakery next to the hospital. I kept telling myself that I would do a little ministry and then be free to walk around Kijabe guilt free and enjoy all the rolls I wanted. I went to the children’s ward because it usually smells the least like vomit and urine and suffered my way through a few prayers. I talked to the mothers of the “easiest” children, because on that day I couldn’t handle seeing the 3 day old baby girl who was born with a huge growth where her face should be, or a little boy who’s whole left side was burned beyond repair because older children covered his little three year old body in kerosene. I talked to a few mothers who laughed at my white girl weave until I was fed up and wanted to leave. I started walking out and a mother grabbed my arm and asked me to talk to her. Through the tears she told me her story and heard about her two week old son who was born with a leg that would never function and a backbone that would never be straight. I fell more and more in love with her and her baby as she told me about her other three children at home staying with neighbors because her husband left at the birth of their first son who was “worthless”. I followed her into the room and held her baby boy as she told me more and more about having to sacrifice so much to be there for her son. At that moment I wanted to slap myself for being so selfish and ignorant. Not just that day, but my whole life. I have always put myself first and instead of giving my days to The Lord, I take control. I woke up wanting to go back to my bed and my comfortable life, much like many days here , while there are women my age who are struggling to take care of their dying children. How could she thank me for my prayers and for listening when I would never have stopped to talk to her? I walked back into the main part of the hospital completely humbled by this woman’s faith ready to take on the day. I ran into Shannon, who told me about a little boy in ICU who needed prayer. I thanked God for surprising me despite my crappy attitude and followed Shannon and Alaina into the room. I wasn’t prepared for what The Lord was about to do. Jonah has TB in his spine and is HIV positive. Him and another boy were brought from the orphanage where they live to be treated. The nurse came over to tell us his story, or what little she knew about him not waking up from surgery the way that they hoped. I felt an overwhelming familiar feeling from my first ministry day at the hospital. I remembered sitting next to the same bed in ICU holding a mothers hand while the doctors told her that her 8yr old hadn’t woken up from surgery just right. I found out a few days later that sweet Joy had gone to be with Jesus. When I looked at Jonah I saw a very similar situation except this time there wasn’t a weeping mother or concerned father around the bed. Jonah had no one there to comfort him as he fought for his life. Even though Jonah doesn’t have a family surrounding his bed, he has a heavenly father that is with him always breathing life into his lifeless body. After getting a call today that Jonahs brain activity is getting better I could do nothing but thank God for the healing and for life, rather than getting discouraged every time I see an orphan, or a baby laying in a trash pile. I wish I could take home every kid I see, but I know that if I can just teach the love of Jesus to a fatherless child, they gain a father in Heaven and that is so much sweeter. 



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Anna: “Mom, Mom! Guess what!? Guess what?! Guess what I did yesterday?!?

Mom: “What did you do yesterday Anna?”

Anna: “We got three chickens, and I took a machete and chopped their heads off, and we plucked them!” …

Wow..! I am not sure which of my reactions was first.. stunned, amused, proud-( atta girl)- amazed at my animal lover daughter- who hardly ever cooks. I guess they got tired of mostly rice and potatoes. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised- she was the one who would always pop all the Barbie dolls’ heads off within minutes of their arrival!:)

The team went to Lake Navaisha for 5 days for a mid trip debrief to regroup, refresh reflect. Lake Navaisha is northwest of Nairobi and is at the highest elevation of the Rift Valley in Kenya, (about 6,200ft). I know some of them went 4 wheeling and chased packs of zebras. While there they saw monkeys, giraffes and hippos, got some rest and “ate lots of food”- including meat. But no wifi:( – Oh well..

They are now back in Maai Mahiu and continuing to work with 61 Project, the orphanage and Kijabe hospital. Anna said they have seen a lot of healings at the hospital. Several babies who had spina bifita and were awaiting surgery, were released from the hospital as they were healed after being prayed for!

Anna still misses everyone, but is doing well and having fun. Please continue to pray for the team and the work they are doing that Jesus will protect and guide them, give them wisdom and spiritual discernment and dominion, and that they will be fruitful in all their endeavors for Him. They are engaging in very real and intense spiritual warfare but- “We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus”. We can all be partners in prayer.

Tomorrow they are visiting Mount Longonot- a volcano southeast  of Lake Navaisha. You can look these locations up on Google Earth. More to come…

Thanks for all your support and prayers. God Bless you and your families.

Anna’s Mom (Rachael)

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I Am In a Time Warp. Posted by Anna 10/6/2013


Time is a funny thing. Sometimes it flies by and other times it crawls. The fact is, is that time is relative. It really all depends on how you decide to spend it. If you decide to spend your time dwelling on the future or moping about where you are in the present, the time is going to crawl by. Not only that, but you will look back on the time spent looking into the future in regret. That is probably one of the biggest lessons that I have learned on this trip so far. The first few weeks of this trip all I could think about was how much I missed America and how much I couldn’t wait to get home. Looking back now, I see that that time could have been put to so much more use. I could have been using that time to get to know my teammates better, or pouring love into the locals, but instead I kind of wasted it. Not to say that thinking about the future sometimes is a bad thing, in fact sometimes it’s necessary and even beneficial. The problem lies when you start to dwell on it. I realized this about a month in and I wish I had learned it sooner, although I am grateful that I still have 2 more months to go. Now, I have made up my mind to live in the present and to be content with where I am placed at the moment, and I thank God for that. Now, I can sincerely pour all that I have to give to the people and absorb all that they have to teach me as well. I thank God for this opportunity as well as the many people that helped me get here. I thank you for your prayers as I will be praying for all of you as well. I love you all! 🙂

THE FOLLOWING ARE BLOGS BY SOME OF ANNA’S TEAMMATES added by Anna’s mom-Firstly Anna has been in Navaisha in the Great Rift Valley this past week and had the opportunity to go four wheeling and see Zebras and monkeys..and probably a lot more. I am sure she will fill us in when she gets a chance! They went there for a few days for a mid trip de-brief. We have not spoken to her since September 15th.. only a couple online messages.They have not had wifi for awhile and Sunday is the first we heard from her in a week as the access to internet is also spotty. I hope you all take the time to read these! They will help you see more of what Anna is involved in. One of them mentions Anna. To read more of Anna’s team blogs you can go to   Then scroll to the bottom and on the left you will see “recent posts”. Below that there are also older ones by date. You can also sign up at the top left for email updates from the team blog if you would like. Enjoy! Thank you for all your prayers and support for Anna and her team.. Rachael (Anna’s Mom)

*****Life in Kenya    Posted in Admissions Department by Katherine Holbrook on 9/29/2013 

-going to Valley Light Children’s Home once a week

-praying for hundreds of people in the Kijabe Hospital once a week

-walking around Maai Mahiu and asking people if they are saved (here this is not something bold or strange to ask right when you meet someone)

-having a VBS for high school aged boys and girls every afternoon

-helping start the second location of 61 Project Ministry (the first location is about a 45 min walk away and our contacts here started it) it is a discipleship program for high school aged boys and girls who cannot afford secondary school

-helping a woman start a home church that meets on Saturdays

-going to a traditional African Church on Sundays

-helping paint and clean the 61 Project Building that we now live in

-helping build our bunk beds (we don’t know how sturdy they are)

-having a goat cookout and then keeping one goat (now named Hylton who tries to come in our house and eat our food)

-cooking and making baskets with our sweet neighbors

-constantly having dozens of kids at the building

-playing volleyball, soccer, and basketball on the courts in front of our building

-helping cook all of our food on charcoal stoves that are very different from American stoves

-going to the bathroom in a squatty (a hole in the ground) and using a head lamp to walk across the courts to the squatty in the middle of the night

-taking bucket showers

-getting our water delivered by a donkey cart

-hand washing clothes

-never knowing if your chaco tan is real or mostly dirt

-teaching kids how to play the ukulele and guitar

-having kids play with your hair and wanting you to hold them and hold their tiny hands

-hearing “muzungu” (white person) and “how are you, fine fine” by every child wherever you go

-taking the spiritual gifts test

-not always or most of the time not knowing what the date or time is

-having your bus get stuck in the mud and almost burn out on the way up the mountain to Kijabe

-seeing faith that can move mountains

-experiencing that language and cultural barriers are nothing for our God

-becoming friends with women and visiting them every week and not being allowed to leave until we finish our food!

-seeing Jesus’ light and love in a very dark city

-spending almost every moment with 13 amazing girls who become like family

-becoming great friends with our security guard and very godly man, Samuel

-waking up in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya everyday and trying to trust the Lord each moment knowing He has me right here for a reason

-experiencing our God, His Son, His Spirit, His Presence, His love, His comfort, His Grace, His Mercy, His forgiveness, His healing power, and life in Him in completely new ways everyda

-Being completely at the end of myself and my own strength and understanding and finding rest in my Savior at His feet as I sit in the garden with Him trying to always be still, quiet my wandering heart and mind, and listen to His voice through His Spirit

I love you all!!!

******An Encounter with the Holy Spirit Posted in Life on the Field by Rebekka Gebhart on 10/6/2013

Wednesday night I was settling into bed when Rachael came rushing in the room and said we needed to all pray for Alaina. She told us Alaina had been having dreams about demons for about a week. Six or seven of us girls gathered around her bed side and began to pray silently. Anna stopped us and said our silent prayers weren’t going to scare away any demons. I decided to get the rest of our team and involve them as well. Our team packed in to our room along with our leaders. Before we started praying, Shannon asked if anyone else had been experiencing anything like Alaina had been. To my surprise over half our team (including myself) had been “having dreams, waking up every night, or just feeling attacked.” Madison started praying over everyone then one by one we took turns praying. Most of our prayers were casting out demons and declaring God’s freedom and authority in our lives. As everyone was praying I felt the Holy Spirit flood in to the room. I felt God’s love washing over each of us. Six of us took turns stepping in to the center of our circle to be prayed for. When it was my turn, everyone started praying over me and I felt an abundance of love and acceptance. I started declaring freedom from lies I had believed for twenty-one years and freedom from demonic thoughts. I asked God for a clean heart, a clean mind, and to only be burdened by the things that burdened Him. I can’t begin to put in to words the things that happened that night or the way the Holy Spirit intervened and wrecked us all. Not only that, but it was the first time our team had united and bonded together like a true family. I know we are in a spiritual battle everyday and it’s only going to get worse from here, but God has been and continues to build up some mighty warriors in our family. I’m so grateful for my team and for an All-Powerful God who reigns in Kenya! Bring on the next two months!

*******The things you learn in Africa.

Posted in Life on the Field by Elizabeth Rhoads on 10/6/2013 

So here I am, one month into my three month trip, and I’m finally coming into an acceptance of things I’ve known in my head for a long time.

Christians toss around a lot of terms, sayings, and truths that really don’t hold a lot of value until it is lived out and truly understood.

“God loves you.”

This is something I’ve been told since I was born. This is something we toss around all the time. But something I was never able to accept and fully understand until coming here.

Actually something I wasn’t able to accept until quite recently.

He doesn’t just love me, He LOVES me. I don’t have to do anything, I don’t have to change who I am, I don’t have to pretend to be anything that He hasn’t made me to be. When I begin to accept the love He has for me, I’ll naturally change because I’ll begin to desire the things He desires. And I’ll be able to tell people “God loves you” and show them the same love I have come to accept.

“You need a relationship with God.”

I need a relationship with God? Ok. Well, I’m a christian and God knows everything, so if I pray and ask for some things, and He answers that prayer. Now it’s a two way street. Boom. Relationship.

Well, no. Actually, He wants me to talk to Him. Like tell Him about my day. Thank Him for good things. Explain my frustrations. Tell Him how cool He is. Get mad at Him on occasion.

And then He wants to talk back. He wants to tell me how much he cares. He wants to give me encouragement. He wants to explain things I don’t understand. He wants to have conversations.

It doesn’t look how I expected it to look, I don’t hear a voice in my head. I don’t always know what He is saying right away. But he never lets me down when I need Him.

“He has great plans for your life.”

This is something that always made me really mad. I don’t even want to do something huge with my life. And if He has great plans for me, why don’t I know about them? What could he possibly do with my life? When does this “great plan” start? Well it started. It started when I stepped out in faith and applied to go to Kenya. It started when I let go of my plans and let Him take control. I put my schooling, my relationships, my family and everything I have ever known aside and did what He told me to do. Was is scary? Yes. Is it hard? Super. Is it worth it? Totally.

I’m here in the Sodom and Gomorrah of Africa making a difference and starting a ministry that has already changed lives. I’m in the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and He’s blessed me so much. I’m here learning things that have completely changed the course of my life. I’m here completely ready to keep stepping out in faith and letting Him lead me into the unknown.

Alright, so there is a whole lot more that I’ve learned. There is a whole lot more that I need to learn. God has so much more to accomplish in the next two months. And I’m so excited for it. I’m excited for our relationship to get stronger. I’m excited to see more miracles. I’m excited to pour out God’s love to people. I’m excited to step into all the things He has for me and for the people we come into contact with. Because he has great plans for my life.

****What is Church?   Posted in Life on the Field by Madison Grabow on 9/28/2013

To most Americans when you think of church you think about a building. The place you go every Sunday to see your friends, to hear the pastor preach, to sing some worship songs. Whatever you think, church is often described as a place. But today, I discovered a new meaning of church.

One with no pastor. No instruments. No building.

Two weeks ago we were out walking the streets and talking to people we saw, and we met a sweet woman named Ann. She invited us into her small house, served us chai (the drink of choice in Kenya) and shared her story with us. She told us about her children, her life in Maai Mahiu and how she made and sold soap to feed and care for her family. But the part that stuck out to the most was when Ann told us that she had been told by a pastor that the Lord was telling her that she was supposed to start a church. In her home.


Ann is just your average Kenyan woman who works hard to feed her children and have enough money to pay for school fees. She doesn’t have much education herself, but when she heard from God, she knew she had to act. To step out and start a church for her neighbors and friends. To reach out to those around her and share the love of Jesus Christ.

Needless to say, although we were surprised, we were excited to help.

This church is in her backyard where she made pews out of long wooden boards and piles of rock. There are chickens and cats running around and there is no roof over our heads. No microphones. No keyboards. No pulpit. But it is a church. A body of believers who can come together to share and learn about the love that God has for us. We sang off-key in both English and Swahili and it was beautiful. There was no production, no time frame, no expectations. Just the desire to worship our God, the author of life, the creator of the universe, in the simplest form.

“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” – Matthew 18:20

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Some of you may have heard on the news this morning that there has been a shooting at the “Westgate Premier Shopping Mall” in Nairobi, Kenya. 

I want to assure you that the team is safe and hours away from Nairobi and this mall. 

Last weekend the team traveled into Nairobi for church and they went to the Galleria Mall during their day-trip.  At this time the team will not be returning to Nairobi until further notice.

I have spoken with the team leaders several times already this morning and the girls are handling the news well.  The team is spending time today processing through this news and praying together.  Please join them in praying for the many families that have been affected by this tragedy.



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Expectations? Not Exactly.

Dirty. That’s probably the only expectation about Kenya that was correct. I don’t know why but in my mind I was expecting the classic Africa. Living in clay huts in the bush, playing with children, maybe seeing the occasional lion roaming outside, I dunno. Classic Lion King. Not so much. I’m living in a city called Maai Mahui, a trucker town. The Sodom and Gomorrah of Kenya. There are dirty children, drunk men, and prostitutes. Not the picture perfect Kenya that was in my mind. But that is not all by far. The people here are also so open to the Gospel. They’re so hungry for Jesus and it is so refreshing. We’re working with a ministry call 61 Project. In this ministry, we disciple the young kids who are not in secondary school and who don’t have jobs. They come to our building and we teach them lessons about God and His love. they are always eager to learn and ask so many questions! We also go out into the city and outreach. The people are so welcoming and we get invited into their houses. They are always excited to hear what we have to say. We have also worked in Valley Light Children’s Home. The children there are cared for so well and I love to see the looks of joy when we come to play and help at the home. Also, we went to the Kijabe Hospital in Kijabe yesterday. We walked through each ward praying for each person and it was so beautiful. These people are in such terrible condition and don’t have much hope, but they are so joyful. We met this little boy named Joseph who has hydrocephalus ( swelling in the brain) and when we walked in his whole face just lit up and he started smiling and laughing. It was so beautiful. We are slowly building relationships with the locals in Maai Mahiu and God is really starting to work here. I’m excited to see what He will do in the coming months, not only for the people of Kenya, but in me as well! I’ll try and keep everyone posted but we don’t have a ton of internet so I will when I get the chance! Thanks! 🙂

P.S. Kenya is cold! Who knew?!

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ANNA IN KENYA- UPDATE & PHOTOS- posted by Anna’s mom


Hey Everyone!

First of all the photo credits go to the Terrell’s and Anna’s team mates whose photos I swiped from online as Anna was unable to upload hers on Sunday when she was in Nairobi for the day. (Thanks and sorry guys..but a mom has to do what a mom has to do! 🙂 We have friends and family here anxious for news and pics! I also took the liberty of making them into a collage.

On Sunday the Team went to Nairobi to visit a church there and then to the mall where they were soo excited to eat cheeseburgers and fries! At the mall they had internet access and she was able to call and text us. They have been working on fixing up a building owned by a ministry called 61 Project, (named for Isaiah 61 in the Bible- check it out!). They will be moving out of “The Highway Motel” and staying in this building any day now. Their new accommodations will have the bunk beds they built as well as squatty potties ( a concrete slab on the ground with a hole in it), no running water (they will take bucket showers), and Anna said she didn’t know if they would eventually have some electricity.

The 61 Project disciples a national staff that:

  • “Offers educational scholarships to at-risk children.
  • Disciples youth through after school programs, technical training and extracurricular activities.
  • Addresses real life social issues among the youth with Biblical principles and responses.
  • Raises up the youth to be community leaders, pastors, and missionaries in their own areas.
  • Starts up small businesses within the community (juice company, tailor, barber, agriculture, livestock, etc).”

61 Project says, “We aren’t building an orphanage; we’re building families. We aren’t handing out shirts or shoes; we are clothing a generation with the identity of Christ – grace, hope, and love. We are empowering a generation of believers to take care of themselves and others.”

This renovated building in Maai Mahui Kenya will be used by this ministry for the community. The team has been engaged in witnessing to and praying for the people of the community and teaching Bible classes. A lot of emphasis is also placed on the older children who cannot afford to go to school.

Anna has said that she loves her teammates and loves the Kenyan people. But misses her friends and family, and “can’t wait to take a three hour shower”. Oh, and she misses ice!

As Anna’s mom I just want to say thank you again to all those who helped make this mission trip possible. I am overwhelmed with gratefulness to God for this opportunity of a lifetime and for the heart He has given her and for what He is going to to through and in her life.  I am so proud of her. I miss her so much and it’s hard waiting to hear from her sometimes. The thing that has surprised me though that I really didn’t expect is this joy I have. It makes me smile when I think of her and what she is involved in, that she had the guts to do this, and at the intensely close relationship she is building with Jesus through the trials and adventures she is experiencing.

Please continue to pray for the safety and the success of this mission trip for all… And Anna, when you get to read this I hope you will also be able to UPLOAD YOUR OWN PHOTOS and TESTIFY!!! 🙂

PS Information quoted about 61 Project was taken from the website

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TEAM BLOG LINK- posted by Anna’s mom.

   Here is the link to the blog for Anna’s team. She has not posted yet but feel free to read the posts of her team mates who have, and of other teams before. These are raw, totally honest, personal accounts. We are privileged to be able to “walk with” them  and “see” their hearts, their struggles and triumphs as they embark on this journey for God. I look forward to hearing all that God is doing in and through their lives. EVERYTHING POSTED FROM 9/1 IS FROM ANNA’S TEAMMATES.
     Anna’s e-mail last week said “Kenya’s incredible, amazing and I love the people here, they’re amazing.”


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ANNA IN MAAI MAHIU KENYA- An update from leaders and others – Anna’s Mom reporting

   Hi Friends and Family! I have copied and pasted emails and posts We have received or seen posted by other team mates in regards to Anna’s Kenya mission trip. They are in Maai Mahiu, Kenya which according to Google Earth is 11 minutes away from Kijabe.. which means its actually probably about 25 minutes away:) We received 1 email from Anna last week Wed. in which she said she loved Kenya and the people there. (Only four out of 13 have posted so far, and a World Race ( MIssion trip of 11 countries in 11 months) team of 30 was just there also. They have no internet on site so they will only occasionally be able to communicate.  
   The 2 pictures below and the note was sent to us from the Squad Parents of the World Race Team. The  last picture and posts are by 2 of Anna’s teammates. I will re-post or send links when we hear from Anna or she blogs.  





Parents of the Passport Team in Kenya,

I wanted to let you know I spent a week at the same Highway Hotel in Maai Mahiu Kenya as the girls who are on Kenya Passport Team team are staying.  The girls do not have much internet so I wanted to get a message out to you letting you know they are doing well.  I am attaching a picture of the team during a celebration at the ministry site.  They have began building relationships with the local Kenyan teens and are currently helping Matt, Kelly, Fred, and Jason refurbish a new site for a new set of children.  You should be very proud of how hard the girls are working.  The team is growing strong as a team and as children of God.  Although they appreciate your prayers, they are thriving and trusting God for their daily needs.
Debi Terrell
PVT World Race 
M Squad Parent

BY Katherine Holbrook-  The ministry we have been doing has mostly been a VBS with local boys who cannot afford school and working on a building our contacts have where we will be staying and moving into soon. This is where a discipleship ministry will hopefully soon take place everyday. Each day consists of trying to pour into and love all of the people around us- from the sweet, overwhelming amount of little kids that follow us everywhere, to the high school aged boys, to the women who taught us how to cook.

By Alaina Rhodes – Anna’s Teammate

Maai Mahiu: coined as the Sodom and Gomorrah of Kenya. It’s only an hour and a half drive away from Nairobi, the capital, but it feels like it’s an entirely different universe. Electricity is sparse and running water is a luxury. Toilets? They’re nothing more than a 15 foot hole in the ground. Most of the houses here are made with thin sheets of aluminum. The rough, stone streets are sprinkled with drunk men stumbling around and dirty children yelling “how ah yoo?!” at the top of their lungs whenever they catch a glimpse of us crazy mozoongoo’s (white people). The women here work hard…some by day, and many by night. As soon as the sun begins to set, women decked out in American fashion start lining the streets – offering their bodies up to anyone willing to pay.

A quick glance at Maai Mahiu is unsettling. The level of poverty and depravity here will make you feel hopeless. Look deeper, though. Behind the blood shot eyes of the drunk man reaching out to shake your hand is a soul in need of a Savior. The girl on the street corner who is paid to love men every night has likely never felt true love before, and her heart is crying to be valued instead of used. The people here are hungry. It’s fertile ground…ground that cannot be avoided simply because it looks dangerous, smelly, and uncomfortable.

Jesus didn’t come to love clean people. He came to love dirty people and wash them clean. As His followers, we’re called to build relationships with people and to lead them to the cleansing power of the gospel.

Over the next 2.5 months, my team and I will be working to raise up disciples of Jesus and to guide them in building a ministry for teens in the middle of Maai Mahiu. I am so excited to let His love saturate my heart even deeper and let it overflow into the streets of this place.

Thanks for all your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for this mission trip.

Rachael (Anna’s mom)

Their current home for the next 3 months. 
My current home for the next 3 months. <3· 
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Anna's Mission

POSTED BY ANNA’S MOM:  Anna enjoyed her 4 days of training camp in Georgia. There are 13 girls on the Kenya team. They trained with the team going to Thailand and the Africa expedition team. They will have no running water or electricity while in Kijabe, but will travel for internet about once a week or so. The Colby family appreciates your prayers and support for Anna. We will update you and direct you to her blogs when available.  RECEIVED THIS POST FROM ORGANIZATION: Madison, one of our leaders for our Fall, Kenya Passport Team has called and the team has arrived safely in Kenya.

The team will spend the next couple of days orientating themselves to this beautiful African land and the ministry that they get to be involved with these next three months.  Once they get settled in, there will be some blogs coming our way!

I cannot wait to…

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